Understanding The 4 Main Types Of Logos

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Understanding The 4 Main Types Of Logos

Understanding The 4 Main Types Of Logos

16 September 2016
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Before you hire a designer to design your logo, it is helpful to know what type of logo you want. This will help ensure that you hire a graphic designer who has experience with the style you desire and also help you communicate your desires to your designer more easily. Below are the four main types of logos that graphic designers create. 


An illustrative logo is a logo that uses an illustration to display exactly what your company does. For example, if you are a dentist, an illustrative logo may include a tooth or toothbrush. Illustrative logos leave very little up to the imagination of your clients and are a good option when it is important that clients can immediately recognize what kind of service you offer.


Iconic logos also use pictures or abstract graphics to represent your company. However, they are less literal than illustrative logos. A well-known example of an iconic logo is the Olympic rings. These rings represent the continents joining together without literally portraying it. Iconic logos can be a good option if it is important that your company is memorable and you have strong brand marketing that can help give meaning to your logo. 


A graphic logo is a general term for either an illustrative logo or an iconic logo or the combination of the two. It is any logo that contains symbols or illustrations as opposed to just lettering. It is more helpful for your designer to know whether you want an illustrative or iconic logo, but if you are still not sure, you can just let them know that you want a graphic logo. 


A typographic logo contains only letters. It is usually the name of your company or the initials of your company aligned in a unique, memorable way. This is a good option if you want clients to know the name of your company. 

It is important to keep in mind that any of these types of logos can be completed in various styles. For example, they can be informal, cartoon-like, or formal. The type of logo you choose does not determine the logo's style. However, it does determine how your clients remember your logo and company. Many companies opt to have multiple logos designed—for example, one typographic logo and one iconic logo, for various uses. If you decide to do this, it is important that the logos match enough to allow clients to recognize they both represent your company. For help with your logo design, contact a company like Fund Phase LLC.

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