Create a Forest-Themed Environment in Your Home's Den

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Create a Forest-Themed Environment in Your Home's Den

Create a Forest-Themed Environment in Your Home's Den

21 September 2016
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If you are a nature enthusiast, bring the appearance and feeling of the outdoors into your home by creating a forest-themed environment in your den. The following tips will help you recreate a setting that is reminiscent of a forest and may help you relax and alleviate tension after a hard day's work.

Large Potted Plants and Trees Surrounding a Tent 

Erect a small tent and place it in one corner of the den. Lay a sleeping bag or a comforter on the floor of the tent. Add some of your favorite pillows to the bedding in order to create a comfortable resting spot. Set up a rocking chair or lounger near the doorway to the tent.

Purchase a variety of potted plants and young trees. Arrange the plants and trees around the tent and chair in order to create a border. You can rest inside of the tent and gaze out the door and pretend that you are in a real forest. As you sit in the rocking chair or lounger, the potted items may help take your mind away to a calming location as well.

Audio Recordings and Scents

Download or purchase audio recordings of sounds often heard in nature, such as a babbling brook, croaking frogs, or chirping crickets. Place candles or potpourri holders in the den that emit scents that remind you of the forest, such as pine or evergreen trees. Listen to the recordings on a portable audio player while relaxing in the makeshift campsite. Light a couple candles or a potpourri holder before escaping from reality for a little while.

Large Statues of Wildlife and Birds

Create statues of wildlife and birds out of foam or paper maché that has been covered with craft paint. If you are not artistically inclined, purchase some models of your favorite animals from a novelty shop or art dealer. Arrange the animals around the room so that they are strategically placed near the foliage. The visual display that you create will help you remove yourself from your normal environment and help you feel as if you are far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Use your forest-themed section of the den whenever you feel overwhelmed and would like to reduce stress. The calming effects that you experience may help you to feel refreshed and be ready to take on your normal responsibilities with a positive frame of mind.

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