3 Reasons to Commission an Oil Portrait

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3 Reasons to Commission an Oil Portrait

3 Reasons to Commission an Oil Portrait

13 October 2016
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When it comes to enjoying the visual arts, there are many different mediums that you can choose from. Each medium can lend certain benefits to a finished piece of art, so it's important to understand these benefits when commissioning a custom piece to display in your home. If you are planning to invest in a portrait, you should consider requesting the work be completed in oils.

Here are three reasons why oils provide the perfect medium for portraits.

1. Oils can easily be blended.

When you commission a custom portrait, you want your artwork to be unique. When you are working with oils, the painter has the ability to blend each paint color into the color surrounding it. This unique feature facilitates the creation of custom brush strokes that define an individual painter's style.

Your portrait will be recognizable as the artist's work immediately when you opt to have the piece completed in oils.

2. Oils dry slowly.

A custom portrait should look like the subject it is based on. Whether you are commissioning a portrait of your family, yourself, or a beloved pet, you will want to examine the painting throughout the creative process to ensure the artist is capturing the likeness of the portrait's subject.

One of the benefits that you can enjoy when you opt to commission an oil painting is the ability to make changes to the portrait throughout the process with relative ease. This is due to the fact that oils can take a long time to dry, giving the artist time to manipulate the paints in order to change certain features you might want adjusted before the delivery of the finished portrait.

3. Oils are easy to work with.

Oils tend to be one of the more forgiving mediums when it comes to creating large works on canvas. This means that aspiring artists can comfortably create portraits that have artistic integrity. Since investing in custom pieces can be costly, you can take advantage of the options an oil canvas provides.

Since more artists can complete an oil portrait, you will be able to select from a larger pool of artists when commissioning your painting. This will help you keep your costs as low as possible while still investing in a portrait that is sure to thrill your family for generations.

Oils make a fantastic medium for portraits. Using oils gives the artist an opportunity to create custom brushstrokes and make alterations mid-process while the use of oils allows you to keep your costs low when commissioning a custom portrait in the future. Contact a company such as Our Day Art to look into having a portrait commissioned.

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