Surf Training: Ways Professional Cinematography Can Help Improve Your Surfing

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Surf Training: Ways Professional Cinematography Can Help Improve Your Surfing

Surf Training: Ways Professional Cinematography Can Help Improve Your Surfing

28 February 2017
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There are many elements that go into having a successful surfing trip. Your balance, technique, and positioning on the board are crucial to riding a wave for as long as possible. Other than getting tips and training, sometimes video footage can go a long way. Professional surf cinematography companies can showcase your surfing skills and provide you with high quality footage that can be analyzed for your personal training. Along with standard wide shots of you riding the waves, there are a number of specialty shots that can be used to capture incredible footage and help you improve the next time you head out.

Overhead Shots

Getting a shot from a completely different angle can offer new perspectives and allow you to see your surfing in a whole different light. Cranes or drones may be used to capture overhead shots of you surfing the waves. With these shots, you have the ability to see your positioning on the board and the way your body angles into the waves. It makes it a lot easier to see where you've gone wrong and make adjustments in the future.

Close-Up Angles

Thanks to professional zoom lens and technology, surf cinematographers have the ability to get really close shots of you hitting the waves. This allows you to study small details and habits that may be impacting the way you surf. For example, you can have a clear look of how your hands and feet adjust as you hit a wave. You may be doing something as simple as curling your toes when you shouldn't. Being able to see this footage can make a huge difference on your improvements.

Slow-Motion Footage

With so much happening in the water, it can be hard to notice any problems while watching the footage in real time. One way to help with this is by having a cinematographer capture high-definition slow-motion footage. With slow-motion footage, you can literally see every single element while you surf. You can study the way that the wave crashes, your body positions, and different ways you can improve your form. This type of footage can make a huge difference as you may notice things you've never seen before. The footage can be captured from all different angles so that you can compare them and see what changes need to be made.

A surf cinemtagopher can be hired to capture footage from a whole surfing session. This can provide you with hours of footage that can be studied and used for training purposes. For more information, contact companies like Lieber Films.

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