Tips For Putting On A Play As A Charity Organization

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Tips For Putting On A Play As A Charity Organization

Tips For Putting On A Play As A Charity Organization

19 September 2017
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If you help organize and operate a charity organization, one good fundraising idea is a live event production. Your employees or volunteers can act in the play, and you can charge members of the public a few dollars to come see the performance. The proceeds can be used by your organization as you see fit. Since you probably don't spend day in and day out organizing plays, here are some tips to help you with the planning and performance.

Choose an easy script.

Since you are not a professional play company, you're probably best off choosing an easier, shorter play rather than shooting for the stars with a harder one. If you choose too difficult a play, your volunteers or employees will have a lot more work to do, and the results may be less than satisfactory anyways. A play that's 30 or 45 minutes long is a good choice. Look for one with fewer characters, a simple story line, and minimal set changes. (This will also minimize expenses since you don't have to design as many sets.)

Hire an acting coach or look for a volunteer.

Unless you have some very talented volunteers, you're going to want to provide them with at least some acting coaching before they go on stage. Post on an ad site offering to hire an acting coach for a few hours. Or, if your charity is well known, you can reach out to the public and see if anyone with more acting experience is willing to coach your "actors" on a volunteer basis.

Ask what part everyone would like to have.

This is not a school play. You don't have to hold auditions or make everyone compete for a role. A better way to assign roles is to ask all willing employees how they would like to be involved in the play. Surely, there are some who will want big roles, others who would rather just say a few lines, and some who would like to help with set design and stage production. When you get back your forms with employees' requested roles, just assign the roles and be done with it rather than allowing anyone else too much input. Otherwise, you'll waste hours belaboring over who should have what part.

Many charity organizations successfully put on plays to help fundraise. Remember, the play does not have to be perfect -- but it does need to be good enough to please the audience who pays to see it.

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